attention to detail!

When you first meet someone, what is the first thing you do?
Regardless of what your personality is, you look this person up & down. You are determining “how can this person benefit me?” You notice EVERYTHING about this person’s appearance, i.e., the hairstyle, the clothes, the shoes, hygiene, etc. It’s human nature. You can’t help it.
In the arena in which we work…cyberspace, 9 times out of 10, our first contact is not in person; it is by word or picture. Our “usual” process has been changed.
So what do we look for now?
We look for…GRAMMAR & SPELLING!!!
As a network marketer, your grammar & spelling tell who you are. People want to know that you pay strict attention to detail before he/she will decide to do business w/you. No one will look at you as a leader if your attention to detail is lacking yet…so many post ads, comments, introductions, etc. without PROPERLY checking the “product” being introduced.
Would you go on a first date without showering, pressing your outfit, fixing your hair?
NO!!! you wouldn’t but you will post an ad or comment with grammatical errors. People notice.
If you don’t pay attention to where a comma goes or how to properly end a sentence, how much attention do you pay to your business…what you’re asking he/she to get involved in?
EVERYONE who has seen “success” in this society has one common trait: they pay attention to detail. There is no way around it. Check…double check…triple check what you’re introducing to the world before you hit the enter button & you will see better results.